Our microphones are designed to color sound. Recycled from vintage telephones, these characterful creations offer grit, saturation and midrange to dirty up your digital recordings. Each of our microphones is unique--the vintage parts we use age at their own rate, so no two mics will sound exactly the same.


Carmine Audio was established in 2018 by audio engineers Madly Stock and Connor Schon while in graduate school in Valencia, Spain. 

About carmine audio

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind every product we make. If your Carmine Audio product malfunctions with normal use,* simply contact us to return the item to us and we will fix or replace it.

Normal Use* Our Lifetime Guarantee is up to our sole discretion; if we find your mic has been unduly abused or destroyed, the Lifetime Guarantee will be void. We value our customers and will repair any product within reason. 

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, Carmine Audio offers a full refund if the item is returned in original condition and with proof of sale within 30 days of purchase. To arrange a for a return, please contact us from the contact menu or by email.